Chains of Penicillium spores found in an air sample

Chains of Penicillium spores found in an air sample (Photo by Mold Manager)

What our clients said:

“Never knew so much mold could be in one office.” Accountant

About Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.)

Residential and Industrial Fungal Detection Service — RIFDS Inc. — is managed by George P. White, a professional mycologist who has studied and managed microfungi in research, diagnostic, and regulatory settings for over 33 years. He is one of the most experienced Mold Managers in Canada and an individual who has a very intimate and balanced view of indoor mold contamination.

He began his mycological career with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada where he participated in taxonomic research on molds and other microfungi. He also worked with insects, viruses, nematodes and mycoplasmas and participated in the National Identification Service then offered by AAFC.

For 16 years, he was the quarantine mycologist at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency where he was responsible for detecting and identifying fungal pests in imported and exported agricultural commodities. His regulatory work with CFIA took him all across Canada, the US and throughout the world dealing with the impact that fungi have on major agriculture trade issues at the international level. In addition to diagnostic lab work, he conducted risk assessments on plant pests and participated in international trade missions as a technical expert.

In 1989, the Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) began to use his skills in finding and identifying fungi for people facing mold issues in indoor settings and created RIFDS Inc. As one of the early pioneers in the field,  the Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.)  had to develop effective methods for detecting microfungi in meaningful ways. By integrating building investigative services with highly skilled laboratory expertise and risk assessments, the Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) found that he was able to effectively and efficient resolve the issues his clients were having. He also provided training and diagnostic services and support to other consultants to improve the quality of  their investigations. He has a proven track record as a mold crisis manager and has diffused and resolved many high pressure situations. Over two decades, the Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) has participated in or provided advice to over 4000 mold specific investigations. He is easy to work with, personable and provides reliable information in an easy to understand format.