With over 30 years of intense experience with microfungi and over 20 years of dealing with building related mold issues, the Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) is one of the true experts in the field.

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What our clients said:

“You've rescued our family from mold”

How to Contact Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.)

To contact the Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.)

Email Mold Manager. Be sure to include your location and phone number.

For any inquiries or comments or if you wish to get a quote for a site investigation.
Briefly describe your concern including the general location, the size of the area within the building that would be investigated and your contact information. Clients are generally booked on a first committed first served basis. Payments from commercial clients are based on purchase orders. Full payment is expected from residential clients at the completion of the site inspection.

For document assessment quotes
Please indicate how many pages of text and how many photos are to be reviewed. Do not include any general attachments to the documents such as information pages about specific molds. Purchase orders or payments should be submitted with the documents.

If you wish to talk to the Mold Manager
Include your phone numbers in an email and the times you're most likely to be available and he'll get in touch as soon as he can. Include day time and evening phone numbers if it's a residential inquiry.