Area Serviced

Investigation services are primarily provided within  Eastern Ontario and western Quebec including the National Capital Region, its surrounding communities and the Ottawa Valley. 

Investigative services can often be provided to northern, central and southern Ontario.

Documentation reviews can be received from anywhere in Canada or the US.

Typical Clients

They include health and safety officers, school boards, building managers, construction companies, home owners, landlords, tenants, doctors (and patients), lawyers (and clients), insurance companies, First Nations, and owners of homes with marijuana grow operations. Anyone with an issue related to Mold is a potential client.

Stachybotrys colony underneath vinyl wallpaper

Stachybotrys colony underneath vinyl wallpaper (photo by Mold Manager)

Services Provided by Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.)

Site Investigations

Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) conducts comprehensive indoor mold investigations in all types of indoor settings including:

Services include the site inspection, occupant interviews, collection of tape, bulk and settled dust samples along with RCS viable air samples and MK-3 non-viable air samples.  Humidity and moisture checks are made with a Protimeter MMS Moisture Meter and a FLIRi7 infrared digital camera. Samples are analysed and results are integrated into a comprehensive but easy to understand  written report. Completion time is usually 7-10 days but same day or next day service can be arranged if schedule permits.

Risk assessment and crisis management

So you have Mold!! It may not be the end of the world. How serious is it and what short and long term steps should be taken to deal with it. Over the past 20 years, Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) has provided scientifically sound, practical advice to a wide variety of clients minimizing the impact that Mold has on their health, their levels of stress and most importantly on their pocket books. On numerous occasions Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) has identified improper diagnoses and risk assessments from other service providers and diffused many crises. A second opinion can provide a lot of peace of mind.

Portable lab emergency service or on-site clearance
testing and analysis

Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) can set up a  microscope on-site and conduct clearance testing when there is limited time for job completion. On-site air sampling and analysis is useful to complete an emergency risk assessment. Portable lab services are also useful in tracking difficult to locate Mold sources by testing and retesting to confirm or negate each possibility.

Documentation review

Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) will review data or reports produced by other consultants and assess their strengths and weaknesses. This service may be of particular interest if you suspect that the recommendations are excessively expensive or if you find yourself heading to court. Reviews can be relatively inexpensive but potentially save thousands of dollars.

Forensic assessments

Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) can not only tell what Molds are present but can often determine how they got there, how long they have been there and what circumstances caused them to develop. This is often very important in situations where it is necessary to determine who is responsible for the repairs. 

Legal support

Support for plaintiffs and defendants is provided and can include primary or  duplicate investigations, review of documentation and advice to the legal team. Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) does not provide legal advice but it can assess the scientific merits and weaknesses of any Mold report, the soundness of the conclusions and appropriateness of the recommendations.

Training and Seminars

Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) provides custom training courses and educational seminars to wide range of clients. Material is geared to be practical and informative for the specific requirements of any profession.