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Spores of Cladosporium on a tape sample

Spores of Cladosporium on a tape sample (photo by Mold Manager)

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Reasons to Choose Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.)

Expertise…   Experience…   Independence…   Affordability…

Expertise - The Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) is a professional mycologist with over 30 years of experience studying microfungi and dealing with the situations they create. While most investigators have to send samples to labs to determine if a discoloration on a  wall is or is not mold, the Mold Manager  can often identify the common indoor microfungi by sight on site which means that an initial risk assessment can also be developed at the same time. Samples are still taken and analysed primarily to confirm the observations. As a consequence, usually only one visit to a place is necessary. When a highly skilled lab analyst with a solid background in microfungi conducts an indoor air quality investigation for mold, you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible service available anywhere in Canada.

Experience - The Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) has an excellent track record serving eastern and Central Ontario, western Quebec, northern Ontario and the far North for the past 20 years.  The Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) enjoys a high degree of client loyalty because they know they will be served well. By being the person to investigate the building, take the samples and then become intimately acquainted with them in a microscope, the Mold Manager has become one of the most knowledgeable investigators on the mold scene and has a very balanced view of what is critical and what is less likely to be significant.. He knows where the grow, why they develop and how they can impact the occupants.

Independence - By providing only diagnostic and support services and not remediation, the Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) has no economic bias in the outcome of the results. If you have  a problem, it will be clearly identified and if none exists or it is very small, that also will be clearly documented along with the reasons for that opinion. The Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) works on behalf of his clients to resolve their issues as expeditiously and inexpensively as possible.

Affordability -  The Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) has some of the lowest rates in the industry made possible by low over head, efficiency of operation, integrated investigative and lab services and a commitment to providing the best possible prices for the client.   Within the primary areas serviced, no other consultant can even come close to the same level of service within the same price range.  His prices will earn your business and his competency will keep it. The Mold Manager (RIFDS Inc.) will provide fixed prices with an all inclusive rate prior to beginning including the number of samples that will be taken. There's no need to fear that costs of the investigation could escalate or that there will be any hidden charges.